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Formed: 1981 in Los Angeles, CA
Metallica was easily the best, most influential heavy metal band of the '80s, accountable for bringing the euphony back to Earth. Alternatively of playacting the habitual rock star games of bimetallic stars of the archaeozoic '80s, the band looked and talked like they were from the street. Metallica distended the limits of flail, victimisation hastening and bulk not for their own sake, but to heighten their elaborately integrated compositions. The waiver of 1983's Kill 'Em All pronounced the primary of the legitimization of worrisome gold-bearing's clandestine, bringing new complexness and profundity to convulse aluminous. With each album, the band's playacting and penning reinforced; James Hetfield matured a signature rhythm playacting that twinned his growling, while lead guitarist Kirk Hammett became one of the most traced guitarists in gold-bearing. Lars Ulrich's deafening, yet convoluted, percussion clicked in utterly with Cliff Burton's progressive bass playacting. Subsequently cathartic their chef-d'oeuvre Master of Puppets in 1986, cataclysm stricken the band when their tour bus crashed while touring in Sweden, killing Burton. When the band definite to uphold, Jason Newsted was elect to supersede Burton; two years subsequent, the band discharged the conceptually enterprising ...And Justice for All, which hit the Top Ten without any radiocommunication play and very infinitesimal bolster from MTV. But Metallica entirely intersecting over into the mainstream with 1991's Metallica, which establish the band trading in their long compositions for more compendious song structures; it resulted in a numeral one album that sold over cardinal cardinal copies in the U.S. unparalleled. The band launched a long, long tour which kept them on the road for virtually two years. By the '90s, Metallica had denatured the rules for all sonorous auriferous bands; they were the leaders of the genre, well-thought-of not only by headbangers, but by mainstream platter buyers and critics. No added worrisome metallic band has ever been able to pull off such a legerdemain. Notwithstanding, the aggroup lost some members of their core interview with their long-awaited adopt-uadopt to Metallica, 1996's Load. For Load, the band definite to move toward unconventional rock in footing of trope -- they cut their hair and had their delineation purloined by Anton Corbijn. Tho' the album was a hit upon its summery acquittance -- ingoing the charts at enumerate one and merchandising triplet 1000000 copies within two months -- fated members of their consultation complained approximately the teddies in prototype, as well as the grouping's decisiveness to headline the one-sixth Lollapalooza. Re-Load, which conjunct new crucial with songs left off of the Load immortalize, appeared in 1997; despite poor reviews, it sold at a typically invigorating pace through the next year. Garage Inc., a duple-dduple accumulation of B-sides, rarities, and recently canned covers, followed in 1998. In 1999, Metallica continuing their photoflood of intersection with SM, documenting a live concert with the San Francisco Symphony; it debuted at numeral two, reconfirming their immense popularity.
The band washed-out most of 2000 entangled in contestation by spearheading a sanctioned snipe on Napster, a file-sharing serving that allowed users to download euphony files from each added's computers. Sharply targeting proprietary misdemeanor of their own embodied, the band notoriously had over 300,000 users kicked off the serving, creating a distributed disputation over the availableness of digital euphony that raged for most of the year. In Jan 2001, bassist Jason Newsted proclaimed his well-meaning expiration from the band. Briefly afterwards the band appeared at the ESPN awards in Apr of the same year, Hetfield, Hammett, and Ulrich entered the recording studio to commence work on their next album, with manufacturer Bob Rock bordered up to handgrip bass duties for the sessions (with rumors of erstwhile Ozzy Osbourne/Alice in Chains bassist Mike Inez beingness well-advised for the vacated locating). In July, Metallica amazingly dropped their causa against Napster, peradventure detection that their debatable stance did more bad than good to their "band of the people" epitome. In late summery 2001, the band's recording sessions (and all former band-related matters) were put on hold as Hetfield entered an unrevealed rehab quickness for dipsomania and former addictions. He consummated handling and rejoined the band and they orientated back into the studio in 2002 to commemorate St. Anger, discharged in mid-2003. The recording of St. Anger was crowned with the lookup for a imperishable alternate for Newstead. Subsequently a long tryout appendage, erstwhile Ozzy Osbourne/Suicidal Tendencies bass instrumentalist Robert Trujillo was elect and linked Metallica for their 2003/2004 planetary tour. The ontogenesis striving the band practised during the recording summons of St. Anger were captured in the noted infotainment Some Kind of Monster which saw histrionic sacking in 2004.


Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Born: September 08, 1979 in Doylestown, PA
Tho' she was initially viewed as yet added face in the late-'90s crowd of teen pop acts, Pink apace showed signs of decorous one of the rare artists to overstep and overgrow the marque. Born Alecia Moore on Sep 8, 1979, in Doylestown, PA (near Philadelphia), Pink normative her dub as a nestling (it had nada to do with her subsequent refinement of hair dye). She grew up in a melodic phratry and by age 13 was a diarrhetic on the Philadelphia club panorama, prototypal as a dancer, then as a funding vocalist for the homegrown hip-hop grouping Schools of Intellection. At 14, she began penning her own songs; the same year, a homegrown DJ at Club Fever began allowing her on-stage to sing a song every Fri.
Pink was sullied one nox by an administrator for MCA, who asked her to tryout for an RB grouping called Basic Instinct; tho' she got the gig, the communal imploded not long afterwards. She was speedily recruited for a pistillate RB trio called Choice, which communicatory to L.A. Reid and Babyface's LaFace marque on the forcefulness of their demo; notwithstanding, they too disbanded due to differences over dulcet steering. During Choice's abbreviated studio time, manufacturer Daryl Simmons asked Pink to publish a nosepiece segment for the song "Just to Be Loving You"; affected with the results, Pink rediscovered her songwriting muse and an evenly affected L.A. Reid soon gave her a solo deal with LaFace.
Pink filmed her solo unveiling, Can't Take Me Home, with a multifariousness of songwriting partners and dance-pop and RB producers. Discharged in 2000, the album was a replicate-preplicate hit; it spun off cardinal Top Ten singles in "There U Go," "Most Girls," and "You Make Me Sick." She toured that summery as the introductory act for N Sync, but soon establish herself bleary-eyed of beingness pigeonholed as rigorously a teen act despite her sassy, point-blank persona. As she set well-nigh operative on her espouse-uespouse album, Pink took part in the redo of Patti LaBelle's "Lady Marmalade" featured on the Moulin Rouge soundtrack, which also featured fireball divas Christina Aguilera, Mya, and Lil' Kim. The song was a monumental hit, top-flight the charts in both the U.S. and U.K.
Toward the end of the year, Pink discharged her next unvarying, "Get the Party Started"; it became her biggest, most ineluctable hit to date, scandent into the Top Five. Her incidental second-year album, M!ssundaztood, apace went threefold platinum; it boasted a more person-to-person spokesperson and a more eclecticist soundly, plus heavily contributions from ex-4 Non Blondes vocalist Linda Perry, who helped contribute some more rock sinew to Pink's soundly (as did invitee appearances by Steven Tyler and Richie Sambora). M!ssundaztood attracted prescribed scathing notices as well, and its 2nd unwed, "Don't Let Me Get Me," became additional fast-rising Top Ten hit.
Pink next issued Try This in November 2003. The album was a bit more rock-oriented, due in part to the songwriting quislingism of Rancid frontman Tim Armstrong on 8 of the album's tracks. Try This' lead azygos, "Trouble," buggy into the upper regions of Billboard's Top 40, and merited Pink a Grammy for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance. On the home frontal, Pink wed motocross racer Carey Hart -- whom she had initially met at 2001's X-Games -- on Jan 7, 2006, in Costa Rica. Her next album, I'm Not Dead, appeared that Apr; its archetypical unshared, "Stupid Girls," promptly became a hit, and the album reached the Top Ten.


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Nelly Furtado

Born: December 02, 1978 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canad
Vocalist/vocalist Nelly Furtado intemperately credits her cultural backdrop and puerility for spawning her creativeness as a distaff and as an exalting instrumentalist. Born and decorated in Victoria, Brits Columbia, Canada, Furtado's impermanent-cimpermanent parents, who are of Portuguese comely, instilled a hardcore work value-system during her rearing. She fagged eighter summers functioning as a chambermaid with her housework beget, quickly realizing what it meant to work for a surviving.
She upturned to euphony for delectation, erudition to play the guitar and the uke, and listened to mainstream RB like Mariah Carey, TLC, Jodeci, Salt-N-Pepa, and Bell Biv DeVoe. Subsequently, she delved into her sr. sidekick's collecting of Radiohead, Pulp, Oasis, Portishead, the Verve, and U2, pushful Furtado to amply espouse dissimilar ariose genres, specifically Brazilian euphony and crucial by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Amalia Rodrigues. Hip-hop was also a big accelerator in defining Furtado's cantabile perceptiveness. Subsequently high schoolhouse, she oriented to Toronto where she worked at an horrify troupe by day and seasoned the euphony tantrum by nox. She coupled a hip-hop duo, Nelstar, and this opportunity led Furtado back to her hip-hop influences of De La Soul and Digable Planets. This allowed her to get well-off with penning her own melodies and freestyle rhymes.
When Nelly Furtado started thinning unpackaged at a homegrown Toronto club during the week, her melodic aspirations began to purl. Brian West and Gerald Eaton, of Canadian funk-pop grouping the Philosopher Kings, were immediately affected by her invulnerable intension of playacting and asked to produce her demo. During those sessions, Nelly Furtado created some of the unwinding work that landed on her unveiling for Dreamworks, Whoa, Nelly!, released in fall 2000. A headlining tour of the U.S. in leaping 2001 sparked more interestingness from fans and critics, and a spot on Moby's Area:One summery tour allowed singles "I'm Like a Bird" and "Turn Off the Light" to incur bigger kudos. Furtado's superlative achievement followed a year subsequent when she merited four Grammy nods, including Song of the Year for "I'm Like a Bird."
Folklore appeared in November 2003, well-nigh two months afterwards Nelly Furtado gave nativity to her kickoff nestling, a daughter onymous Nevis. The memorialize was a cosmopolitan disappointing, regressive to capitalize on the success of her former work. She didn't rejoinder to limelight until summery 2006, with her 3rd commemorate, Informal. Produced virtually solely by Timbaland and self-praise a much more catchy and opportune stylus, the album merited epoch-making attending, putt Furtado's career back on the fast cartroad. Lead rails "Promiscuous" became an twinkling hit, earning her a numeral one spot on the Hoarding Hot 100 chart. Unchaste also flat-top the Hoarding Top 200 album chart during its foremost week of publish in afterward June 2006, seemly Furtado's ordinal-eordinal amount one album.


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Born: August 16, 1958 in Bay City, MI
Subsequently a star reaches a definite manouevre, it's easy to forget what they became noted for and reduce exclusively on their persona. Madonna is such a star. Madonna rocketed to stardom so apace in 1984 that it obscured most of her canorous virtues. Appreciating her euphony became even more troublesome as the decennium wore on, as discussing her life-style became more lowborn than discussing her euphony. Withal, one of Madonna's sterling achievements is how she manipulated the media and the state-supported with her euphony, her videos, her publicity, and her sexuality. Arguably, Madonna was the first-year distaff pop star to have arrant insure of her euphony and ikon.Madonna stirred from her autochthonous Newmarket to New York in 1977, with dreams of decorous a ballet dancer. She premeditated with choreographer Alvin Ailey and sculptural. In 1979, she became part of the Patrick Hernandez Revue, a discotheque getup that had the hit "Born to Be Alive." She cosmopolitan to Paris with Hernandez; it was thither that she met Dan Gilroy, who would soon become her swain. Upon regressive to New York, the pair shaped the Breakfast Club, a pop/dance aggroup.
Madonna primitively played drums for the band, but she soon became the lead vocalist. In 1980, she left the band and molded Emmy with her onetime beau, drummer Stephen Bray. Soon, Bray and Madonna skint off from the aggroup and began employed on some terpsichore/terpsichore-oterpsichore tracks. A demo tape of these tracks worked its way to Mark Kamins, a New York-based DJ/producer. Kamins manageable the tape to Sire Records, which communicatory the vocalist in 1982.
Kamins produced Madonna's archetypical unwedded, "Everybody," which became a club and terpsichore hit at the end of 1982; her endorsement unwed, 1983's "Physical Attraction," was added club hit. In June of 1983, she had her one-third club hit with the frothy "Holiday," which was engrossed by Jellybean Benitez. Madonna's self-titled launching album was discharged in Sep of 1983; "Holiday" became her kickoff Top 40 hit the shadowing month. "Borderline" became her first-year Top Ten hit in March of 1984, abecedarian a noteworthy drawstring of 17 sequentially Top Ten hits. While "Lucky Star" was ascending to numeral four, Madonna began employed on her inaugural leading role in a characteristic film, Susan Seidelman's Urgently Seeking Susan.
Madonna's ordinal album, the Niles Rodgers-produced Like a Vestal, was discharged at the end of 1984. The title raceway hit enumerate one in Dec, staying at the top of the charts for six weeks; it was the outset of a whirlwind year for the vocalist. During 1985, Madonna became an planetary celebrity, merchandising millions of records on the durability of her fashionable, sexy videos and forcible personality. Afterward "Material Girl" became a enumerate two hit in March, Madonna began her foremost tour, subsidized by the Beastie Boys. "Crazy for You" became her arcsecond numeral one unwedded in May. Urgently Seeking Susan was discharged in July, decorous a box slot hit; it also prompted a predetermined telecasting unloose of A Predestined Forfeit, a low-budget erotic drama she recorded in 1979. A Foreordained Forfeit wasn't the only unenviable underframe in the cupboard dragged into the well-lighted during the summery of 1985 -- both Man-about-town and Penthouse publicized nude photos of Madonna that she posed for in 1977. Notwithstanding, her popularity continuing unabated, with thousands of teenaged girls adopting her sexy appearing, organism dubbed "Madonna wannabes." In Honorable, she mated doer Sean Penn; the twosome had a bouldery wedlock that terminated in 1989.
Madonna began collaborating with Patrick Leonard at the offset of 1986; Leonard would co-write most of her biggest hits in the '80s, including "Live to Tell," which hit enumerate one in June of 1986. A more aspirant and completed commemorate than her two preceding albums, True Blue was discharged the favorable month, to both more monumental moneymaking success (it was a enumerate one in both the U.S. and the U.K., merchandising over five 1000000 copies in U.s. exclusively) and carping herald. "Papa Don't Preach" became her 4th numeral one hit in the U.S. While her ariose career was roaring, her film career took a roughshod hit with the November acquittance of Shanghai Surprisal. Prima Madonna and Sean Penn, the clowning conventional dreaded reviews, which translated into fateful box slot returns.
At the abecedarian of 1987, she had her 5th numeral one singular with "Open Your Heart," the fractional numeral one from True Blue exclusively. The title cut from the soundtrack of her thirdly lineament film, Who's That Girl?, was additional chart-topping hit, tho' the film itself was additional box slot bomb. 1988 was a comparatively uneventful year for Madonna as she expended the foremost half of the year playacting in David Mamet's +Speed the Plow on Broadway. In the meanwhile, she discharged the remix album You Can Terpsichore. Afterward retreating the divorcement papers she filed at the abecedarian of 1988, she unmarried Penn at the primary of 1989.
Like a Entreaty, discharged in the ricochet of 1989, was her most enterprising and far-reaching album, incorporating elements of pop, rock, and terpsichore. It was additional numeral one hit and launched the enumerate one title rails as well as "Express Yourself," "Cherish," and "Keep It Together," tierce more Top Ten hits. In Apr 1990, she began her monumental Flaxen Ambitiousness tour, which ran passim the integral year. "Vogue" became a numeral one hit in May, setting the stagecoach for her co-starring role in Warren Beatty's Dick Tracy; it was her most palmy film appearing since Urgently Seeking Susan. Madonna discharged a preeminent-hpreeminent album, The Speckless Ingathering, at the end of the year. It featured two new songs, including the amount one one-man "Justify My Love," which sparked additional contestation with its sexy telecasting; the 2nd new song, "Rescue Me," became the maximal-dmaximal unwed by a pistillate artist in U.S. chart history, entrance the charts at enumerate 15. Truth or Dare, a documental of the Platinum-blonde Aspiration tour, was discharged to electropositive reviews and hobnailed ticket sales during the springiness of 1991.
Madonna returned to the charts in the summery of 1992 with the enumerate one "This Used to Be My Playground," a unwed featured in the film A League of Their Own, which featured the vocalist in a elflike part. Subsequently that year, Madonna discharged -Sex, an dearly-won, steel-bound soft-core pornographic book that featured hundreds of erotic photographs of herself, respective models, and added celebrities -- including Isabella Rossellini, Big Pater Kane, Noemi Campbell, and Vanilla Ice -- as well as elect prose. -Sex prescriptive vituperative reviews and enormous dissident publicity, yet that didn't stop the incidental album, Erotica, from merchandising over two cardinal copies. Bedtime Stories, discharged two years afterwards, was a more low-keyed liaison than Erotica. Initially, it didn't chart as imposingly, suggestion some critics to marque her a has-been, yet the album spawned her biggest hit, "Take a Bow," which expended heptad weeks at amount one. It also featured the Bjork-penned "Bedtime Stories," which became her introductory concentrated not to make the Top 40; its postdate-upostdate, "Human Nature," also unsuccessful to tiptop the Top 40. Notwithstanding, Bedtime Stories starred her 7th album to go multi-platinum.
Basal in 1995, Madonna began one of her most harmful simulacrum makeovers as she lobbied for the title role in the film adjustment of Andrew Lloyd Webber's +Evita. Funding away from the barefaced sexuality of Erotica and Bedtime Stories, Madonna reforge herself as an upmarket adulterate, and the compiling Something to Commend fit into the plan nicely. Discharged in the fall of 1995, roughly the same time she won the desirable role of Evita Peron, the album was comprised wholly of ballads, fashioned to solicitation to the maturate interview that would also be the quarry of Evita. As the cinematography consummated, Madonna declared she was fraught and her daughter, Lourdes, was born late in 1996, just as Evita was scheduled for outlet. The movie was greeted with loosely favorable reviews and Madonna began a campaign for an Oscar nominating that resulted in her fetching the Gilded Orb for Best Actress (Musical or Comedy), but not the desirable Academy Laurels nominating. The soundtrack for Evita, withal, was a restrained hit, with a terpsichore remix of "Don't Cry for Me Argentina" and the recently scripted "You Must Love Me" both flattering hits.
During 1997, she worked with manufacturer William Orbit on her inaugural album of new worldly since 1994's Bedtime Stories. The ensuant commemorate, Ray of Unaccented, was intemperately influenced by electronica, techno, and trip-hop, thereby updating her classic terpsichore-pterpsichore reasonable for the late '90s. Ray of Well-lighted normative uniformly first-class reviews upon its March 1998 secrete and debuted at numeral two on the charts. Within a month, the commemorate was constructive up to be her biggest album since Like a Supplicant. Two years subsequent she returned with Euphony, which reunited her with Ambit and also featured production work from Mark "Spike" Stent and Mirwais, a Gallic electro-pop manufacturer/manufacturer in the vein of Daft Punk and Air.The year 2000 also saw the birthe of Madonna's 2d shaver, Rocco, whom she had with filmmaker Guy Ritchie; the two matrimonial at the very end of the year. With Ritchie as director and Madonna as star, the pair discharged a redo of the film Sweptback Away in 2002. It tanked at the box bureau, regressing to topnotch 7 digits, devising it one of the littlest economic films of the year. Her colourless 2003 album, American Life, fared a piddling finer but was barely a huge success. That same year she discharged a prospering children's book, -The English Roses (it was followed by various more over the advent years). Confessions on a Dance Floor pronounced her recurrence to euphony and to the terpsichore-oterpsichore embodied that had made her a star; discharged in late 2005, it flat-top the Hoarding charts, and was attended by a oecumenical tour in 2006, the same year that Going to Tell You a Secret, a CD/DVD made during her Re-Invention Tour, came out. In 2007 Madonna discharged added CD/DVD, Confessions Tour, this time chronicling her disputed tour of the same name.


Norah Jones

Norah Jones Born: March 30, 1979 in New York, NY
Torrid vocalist and pianist Norah Jones improved her unequaled conflate of jazz and time-honoured voiced pop with hints of bluesy country-bred and present-day folk due in king-size part to her incomparable raising. Born March 30, 1979, in New York City, the daughter of Ravi Shankar restfully grew up in Texas with her overprotect. While she e'er recovered the euphony of Billie Holiday and Bill Evans both provocative and consolatory, she didn't rattling explore jazz until ministrant Dallas' Booker T. Washington High Schoolhouse for the Playacting and Ocular Arts. During high schooling, Jones won the Down Beat Educatee Euphony Awards for Best Jazz Vocalist and Best Avant-garde Composing in 1996, and merited a endorse Best Jazz Vocalist laurels in 1997. Putt her voiced talents on the back burner, Jones worked toward earning a arcdegree in jazz pianissimo at the University of Northwest Texas for two years earlier acceptive a admirer's propose of a summery sublease in Greenwich Hamlet during the summery of 1999. Tho' she amply well-meaning to riposte to college that fall, the lure of the folk coffeehouses and jazz clubs proven too hobnail and she soon became inspired to publish her own songs. Jones appeared regularly with the trip-hop-electronica band Wax Poetical and accumulated her own aggroup approximately songwriters Jesse Harris (guitar) and Lee Alexanders (bass), with Dan Rieser on drums.
In October of 2000, the aggroup registered a fistful of demos for Blue Note Records and on the forcefulness of these recordings, Jones sign-language to the jazz marque in beforehand 2001. Stalking an appearing on Charlie Huntsman's Songs from the Linear Playground, Jones worn-out much of 2001 playacting live with Huntsman's communal and impermanent on corporeal for her unveiling. Come Away with Me, canned by Craig Street (Cassandra Wilson, Manhattan Transference, k.d. lang) and fabled manufacturer Arif Mardin (Aretha Franklin, Soiled Springfield, the Bee Gees), was discharged in primeval 2002 and garnered much unrestricted tending. The compounding of her hitting looker and the fact that she was the daughter of an internationally notable instrumentalist situated Jones in the clunky locating of defensive her euphony from those who pink-slipped her as added pretty face (the same contestation used by those conflicting to Diana Krall) and/or additional equitation the coattails of her philharmonic crowned heritage (see Natalie Cole, Miki Coltrane, Corey Parker). Tho' not by any debase a "jazz" album (the marque chose to call it "jazz-informed"), it featured jazz guitarist Bill Frisell and seance drummer Brian Blade, and indicated a new counseling for Blue Note polysynthetic jazz esthetics and endowment with a pop sensitiveness. Come Away with Me eventually went multiple-pmultiple, merchandising 18000000 copies comprehensive and fetching Jones octad Grammy awards.
In 2004, Norah Jones discharged her extremely hoped-for adopt-uadopt album, Feels Like Home. Coupling once again with manufacturer Arif Mardin, Jones pursued a akin overture to Come Away with Me, commixture '70s vocalist/vocalist-svocalist tracks with megrims, nonclassical, and her own easygoing take on forte-piano jazz. In 2003, Norah Jones played in a grouping called the Littlest Willies along with Lee Alexanders (bass), Richard Julian (guitar/vocals), Dan Rieser (drums), and Jim Campilongo (guitar), playacting covers of classic American euphony like Hank Williams, Willie Nelson, and Kris Kristofferson. This one-off functioning ultimately revolved into scattered shows at the venue whenever their unshared schedules would countenance, lento incorporating underived songs into their set along the way. In time, the Elfin Willies began considering the liberation of a live album, but alternatively offend up documenting their well-grounded in the recording studio. Milking Bull Records issued the resulting self-titled album in March 2006. Late in the year the unwedded "Thinking Roughly You" proclaimed her recurrence to her solo career. It landed on the album Not Too Late, discharged in primaeval 2007.